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Medical Video Production

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Nothing Short of Awesome


Making Sense of All Things Medical

Leave your mark with vibrant video that brings your message to life.
Medical Video Production offers the full-service, multimedia production
capabilities you need to connect to your target market and move your business forward.

Medical Video Production makes it easy.

We offer full medical and health care video production services to healthcare companies and professionals. Videos can be used for presentations to potential patients, corporate boards, or investors as well as for training staff or allowing colleagues to observe a procedure. Our staff takes your initial concept from storyboard to scripting, editing, final production.


Meet the MVP Actors' Network

We have created the Actors' Network, a one-of-a-kind online showcase of over 45 professional actors and actresses ready at a moment's notice to represent your organization. DDA handpicked this diverse and talented group of actors, so that our clients can view resumes, headshots, and video clips online, bypassing the casting process, saving time and money.



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Kevin and I enjoyed the visit much too! It was a very worthwhile opportunity to meet you and the team and improve what is going to be phase 1 and trigger ideas for phase 2. We appreciated greatly the professionalism and dedication of the team.

Thank you all so much for rallying to get this completed for our big event. Wonderful customer service!

I just wanted to give you and the rest of the team a verbal "pat on the back" and say what a sensational (and I choose that word purposely) project you are putting together!!! These images are like nothing in the swallowing world and will surely highlight not only the science we have worked on for years, but the complexity of swallowing physiology in an environment that will maximize learning. Absolutely jaw-dropping sensational!!! Way to go!!!!.

Oh My God!!! It's Beautiful!!! I love it...Thank You Sooooooo much.

Thanks, guys. I'm really looking forward to taking your hard work and putting it to use in 2010. Thanks for the excellent effort and support. Hope you all have a prosperous 2010.

The trade show was very successful for us & our traffic flow was steady and strong. Of course, thanks to you and your group's efforts, QCCH's presence was alluring, eye catching and very professional. You did a tremendous amazing job! We are very pleased and appreciative of all your hard efforts. Thank you!

Everything is GREAT we so appreciate your efforts & actually we will need to start conversations with DDA regarding our new release

You’ve all done an excellent job with this webcast and we’re so pleased with how well it turned out! My editor and I were also saying how impressed we’ve been in your responsiveness to requested changes – we really appreciate it and it makes our job much easier.Thank you!

We are extremely happy with the website and video you have constructed for us. Thank you!

We have been extremely happy with your professionalism, creative ideas, patience, and final work.

...thanks so much! We know that this will provide a big boost to our sales efforts.

Thanks for keeping me informed of your team's time input. I, and most certainly DDA, has found it to be significantly less costly to correct a storyboard rather than it's animation. So...I consider any extra storyboard time to be money well spent. You have my "go-ahead"! Thank David and his team for really helping me to nail down the concept.

We love it! Looks great! (RE: Jace Pharmaceuticals Video)

Thank you. You are great.

Thanks so much. We really appreciate your willingness to do this and the wonderful way you have worked with the models. Everyone is so excited to be part of the project and I think much of that comes from DDA making this both a professional and fun experience.
To all who were involved in today's video shoot for the EC Website — BRAVO! BRAVA! Great work all around and I am terrifically excited about this piece of the Website overhaul. To those who were not there, I will fill you in on all the details under separate cover, but know that the models were perfect, prepared, and very committed to the issue; and DDA was prepared, flexible, and so generous with their time, talent, and space. It was an honor to be a part of this today — can't wait to see the outcome.

I, and the whole ARI team, appreciate all of your hard work, patience, and flexibility. You have all been great to work with and we are very happy with the final result. Thanks again for everything!

Once again I would like to thank you for the great work that you and your team did on the HeartNavigator and on the XperGuide app.

It has been a pleasure working with your team. You guys did a fantastic job with this!

This looks awesome - thank you!! Thanks again for your great work!

We were waiting to here from one of our South American distributors to make a ruling on the video. They have returned a glowing review, and I quote: The Spanish is perfect and also the pronunciation is very good. Congratulations and good work!

Douglas, I approve of the final high def video. We love it!!

Thanks Darlene! All of these videos look great! We’re really happy with how they turned out, they’ll add a lot to the website. Lots of very cool shots that show off our inventory and capabilities well. Great work!!


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