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360-Degree Interactive
Virtual Reality Video

New 360-degree cameras have made it possible to capture the full view around one point in three-dimensional space and portray the resulting imagery through 360-degree interactive videos. Specialized video players (YouTube, for example) allow viewers of these virtual reality (VR) videos to move a cursor and select the viewpoint they want to portray within the space afforded by the two-dimensional viewing window. When viewed with a mobile device, users simply pan and tilt their devices to change the viewing angle. This grants viewers of the resulting 360-degree virtual reality videos a much richer sense of the of the camera's location within its environment compared to conventional video formats, and the additional interactive element helps to keep viewers engaged in the experience.

MVP stands at the cutting edge of virtual reality, 360-degree video production companies. Its virtual reality cameras are capable of producing 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) 360-degree virtual reality videos that immerse viewers in a deeply engaging and interactive viewing experiences that maximize the impact of the message. These 4K ultra-HD 360-degree videos are produced with industry-leading virtual reality camera technology that minimizes the distance between the various lenses of the 360-degree video camera to minimize parallax, and thus distortion of close-by objects, granting greater flexibility in the setup of the filming session and thus greater control of the video production process overall. 4K ultra-high-definition 360-degree videos produced with MVP are thus capable of generating virtual reality experiences that lead to lasting impressions which promote the businesses and organizations deploying them and demonstrate real value to the end user.

MVP's virtual reality development doesn't stop at video production. MVP's virtual reality cameras allow it to generate live-streaming 360-degree video feeds. This allows MVP to webcast interactive virtual reality video experiences that can be used by businesses and organizations to transport online viewers to the center of an event's action and simulate in-person attendence with maximum fidelity. Trade shows, conferences, meetings, and the like can now be brought directly to online audiences via the World Wide Web, allowing organizations to capitalize on the resources that are devoted to said events and extend their impact to ever-widening audiences, all while keeping the experience of these events as engaging as possible.

Whether you wish to extend an event experience through a live webcast of a virtual reality 360-degree interactive video feed, or want to produce a 4K ultra-high-definition virtual reality video production to maximize the impact of your message, MVP has the virtual reality camera technology and expertise to bring your vision to life. Excite audiences with immersive 360-degree virtual reality videos that make their mark. Contact MVP.


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