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Augmented Reality

As part of Augmented Reality’s leading edge, DDA is pleased to show you the great range of possibilities for innovative software application development. Image enhanced Augmented Reality has been implemented within development communities for almost a decade, but now, with the advent of the smartphone and the ubiquitous availability of real-time, high resolution graphics and a vast base of sophisticated users, the possibilities are endless, not just for the gaming & entertainment, but for the entire spectrum of users. ARKit combines compelling 3D objects with photorealistic effects that integrate seamlessly into the real time camera viewpoint of your iPhone or iPad. Apple’s ARKit’s set of world-making tools allows developers to build an application directly into your environment, with the potential to fundamentally change the way we interact with information. DDA has a deep background in 3D immersive environments and multimedia presentations, including hybrid media/technology platforms, custom software design and development, experiential marketing, virtual games, virtual simulations, database development, VR, AR, and more. We can help you make applications that take maximum advantage of Augmented Reality using cost effective, logic-driven strategies that go far beyond what’s available, to show what’s possible.

Because of DDA’s well established experience, we are excited about the broad-based development ideas ahead, as well as the ideas that can be put to vivid use today. Augmented Reality offers new possibilities for countless applications and for the future design of 3D information portals in general. DDA and MVP have been augmenting reality since 1994 through unique, image, 3D, video, illustration enhancements and building complex elearning and selling platforms with tools that layer reality, and engage the viewer or user in hybrid digital experiences. While DDA’s first technically exact Augmented Reality project was in 2009, only now is AR practical for every user with a recent iPhone or iPad. Because of the iPhone’s ubiquity in the mobile marketplace, access to the interface is widespread, with millions of users already available for interaction. As with many successful simulation applications, valuable information can be delivered in the most immersive format with greater speed and more convincing photorealism. As Augmented Reality becomes a robust new trend in the development of new applications with superior real world simulation environments, the new purposes and experiences ARKit promises are inspiring and yet to be explored.

About DDA
DDA’s approach to software development is based on years of experience working for a diverse set of clients. Our uniquely comprehensive set of skills allows us to remain open to the best approach to any challenge and to select the best implementation method. Leading with a logical process that always keeps our clients in the loop, we focus on client satisfaction, delivering results that can be measured in savings and long term value. Conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, our full-time, highly trained staff can take on any Augmented Reality assignment and incorporate any type of computer programming and visualization features necessary to create a compelling, immersive, and memorable experience. DDA’s fully equipped professional video studio with sound booth, and a team of degreed computer programmers produce innovative ideas with professional graphic design and 3D computer modeling, aerial drone footage, virtual reality, 360 video, as well as state-of-the-art mobile application development, database programming, custom elearning platforms, etc. Let’s explore the possibilities in the open landscape of Augmented Reality.


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