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MVP created this interactive video-based medical eLearning platform for LivaNova in 2019. Created to train clinicians on the use of the XTRA ATS, the world-leading autotransfusion system, the platform was designed, produced, and developed from scratch by MVP. MVP refined the client script for clarity, cast the talent used for the voice-over narration, and recorded the narration at its own studios. MVP designed the eLearning website to match the latest LivaNova branding guidelines while maximizing screen time to ensure the best viewing experience on desktops, laptops, and tablets. All video of XTRA ATS machine setup and operation was shot with LivaNova demonstrators at MVP’s own professional video studio.

The course is divided into four modules and multiple subsections covering various topics. A whiteboard animation leads off the eLearning course, giving a strong overview on the basic medical and mechanical principles by which the XTRA ATS functions. The user moves through the video clips of the course automatically, pausing only to advance into new sections so the user recognizes topic shifts as they occur. Side textual content is coordinated with the visuals and highlights along with mentions of specific XTRA components or procedures to reinforce the learning topics of the visuals, and additional charts and graphics are integrated to illustrate other key concepts and provide a full multimedia experience.

The user dashboard includes a progress tracker designed around the bowl used to collect and separate whole blood into its constituent components of red blood cells, fat, and plasma products. As the user advances, the bowl fills in proportion to the percentage of the course completed. Users can access a Quick Start video from the dashboard that presents a highly consolidated version of the training with the minimal details required to get someone running with the XTRA ATS as soon as possible. A View All Videos menu allows users to select videos by module, section, and topic title to reference specific material more easily. After trainees have viewed all materials, they advance to a multiple choice test of 15 questions pulled at random from a pool of over 30, and must achieve a score of over 75% to pass. Those that fail are given links to review specific content to better understand their failed questions, and take a new test comprised of different questions randomly pulled from the larger test pool.

An administrative area allows LivaNova the ability to regulate access to the platform by setting registration codes for employees or customers. The platform allows for bulk codes to be generated at random, and codes can be limited to single use with expiration dates for further access control. Customers are registered with more detailed demographics on their functions in health care and specialties. Global metrics can be obtained on answers to all test questions, which can be filtered by time period, function, and specialty.

The platform has been warmly received. The eLearning platform standardizes training, allows for remote access and portability, and substantially reduces the costs associated with in-person training and travel. While initially developed for the US audience, LivaNova quickly adopted it for use throughout their global territory upon recognition of the platform’s value. MVP continues to work with LivaNova to add course content and features as the platform evolves.

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