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Professional Digital and Aerial Drone Photography

Professional photography can make all the difference in medical presentations, not only in the aesthetics of lighting and composition, but in the exactitude and legibility of the information. MVP has extensive experience documenting medical procedures, facilities, and equipment, as well as arranging photo shoots for medical professionals and spokespeople for a wide range of purposes.  Professional photography, ranging from high resolution still images with professional lighting, to footage created in our 30’ x 70’ soundstage, is at the core of MVP’s marketing efforts, and our quality control is second to none.

If you need photography in context, MVP can take all of its advanced equipment to your facility with on-location shooting capabilities that will make images that are well composed and lit to make the most important features of the subject stand out. Controlling the background and removing unnecessary visual noise is an important aspect of professional photography, and MVP strives to create medical photography that is appropriate and tuned to its particular purpose. Whether you need marketing material to highlight new facilities with dramatic lighting and a vibrant mood, or you need documentation of new staff for a variety of professional or marketing purposes, MVP can set the mood and get just the right set of images for the job.

MVP is a leader in all facets of professional medical video production, with a host of associated photography services, including aerial drone photography. Still photography is an essential component of many multimedia productions, and MVP is uniquely qualified to handle the complete package, from scriptwriting with a roster of available actors to serve as on-screen or voice-over talent, to all of the necessary programming and high-end photography necessary to deliver professional results. However modest or extensive the scope of your project, MVP has what it takes to deliver end results that meet and exceed expectations. Let us put your subject in the best light.

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial photography allows for the creation of images that impress like few others. In the past, producing such images were often out of budget of many organizations and businesses due to the need of professionally piloted specialized aircraft. Thanks to improvements to the design and manufacture of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, a.k.a. drones), this has changed for the better. Now, more and more businesses and organizations can strengthen their marketing imagery through the incorporation of aerial photography.

Aerial drone photography enhances perception of significance through the expansive overhead views it captures. This makes aerial drone photography a good choice for whenever place is a critical aspect to what drives the business. Among the numerous industries that can benefit from the use of aerial photography in their marketing efforts are: healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, real estate, education, and hospitality.

Capture the imagination with images that impress with MVP's aerial drone photography services. 



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