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Inspire Health Breastfeeding Video-Based Medical eLearning

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The Inspire Health Breastfeeding medical eLearning and CME platform was designed and developed with MVP in partnership with Inspire Health. Inspire Health is a new brand of The Bower Foundation, a non-profit that supports health care education and other initiatives in the state of Mississippi. Seeing an opportunity to improve infant health, they chose to pursue an eLearning module on the topic of breastfeeding to help medical students and professionals be better prepared to encourage the practice, which confers substantial benefits on infants and mothers alike. Inspire Health established the basic branding for the site, and MVP took that and designed a responsive web platform that would work with desktops, laptops, and tablets of all kinds.

The core content is comprised of a multimedia mixed including slides synchronized to voice-over narration, live-action roleplaying video, action stops featuring short question-and-answer segments to stimulate learners' curiousity and engagement, and pretests and posttests on each section (or case) to gauge progress in learner understanding on the main topics. MVP worked with Inspire Health to establish a consistent and uniform style to the slide decks, synchronized those to the voice-over narration, and uploaded these with the provided videos, integrated action stops, sequenced the content, and implemented highly advanced progression gating that ensures that all learners watch through the full contents of each part of the eLearning module at least once before proceeding. Four of the five cases are bookended by pretests and posttests. The posttest allows for two attempts. Wrong answers on the first are followed by references to specific segments in the course content that contain the answer to help the learner on their second attempt. After the entire course is taken and all posttests answered, a final score is made by summing up all posttests, with 70% required to pass and obtain certification.

The platform allows for access either directly or through an existing CME LMS serving Mississippi educational institutions. Those accessing the platform directly must enter a school email address from a participating college or university, which is governed by Inspire Health administrators via a back-end administrative portal. They register with a wide range of demographic information including their educational and professional backgrounds, with students selecting their program of study from a dynamic list populated specifically from the programs indicated for that specific school in the administrative area. Those accessing the eLearning module through the existing LMS have some of their registration information prepopulated from that LMS when logging onto the platform from it, and when they successfully complete the course, they not only obtain the personalized certificate of completion, but also a token passed to their LMS that will grant them the appropriate CE credits.

The administrative area has multiple levels of access. General administrators can see all student data from all schools. The Bower Foundation can see all student data, but deidentified for privacy concerns. School administrators (as designated in the school management area) see only the students of their specific school. Nunerous reporting options grant Inspire Health and participating educational institutions deep and broad detail on user performance on the eLearning module, including individual and global performance reports that show the progress in understanding on breastfeeding topics from before and after each section of content and the course overall, evaluations of the module by users, specific answers to each question by each user, and the total number of times each multiple choice answer was chosen by all users for each question. All reports are divided by IPE and CE users (those who access the platform directly versus those who access it via LMS), and can be filtered by school. Additional reporting options are planned for development which will use the demographic information captured during registration as filters for even greater insight into user performance.

The first Inspire Health eLearning platform has proven to be a remarkable success, with over 500 users having taken the course thus far and more taking it every day as additional Mississippi colleges and universities integrate the eLearning module into their curricula. Due to the positive impressions of educators, students, professionals, and The Bower Foundation alike, Inspire Health quickly moved to design and develop a second medical eLearning platform with MVP, and has a third platform planned for development in early 2022.

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