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Inspire Health Health Insurance Video-Based Medical eLearning

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The Inspire Health Health Insurance video-based CME and eLearning platform is the second in a series of original medical eLearning modules created by MVP with Inspire Health. This eLearning platform is focused on explaining the history, current structure, and contemporary challenges of health insurance in the United States as a whole, including both private and public sector programs. With content provided in part by one of Mississippi's leading experts and educators on the subject, the eLearning platform is full of very comprehensive information that makes sense out of the labyrinthine latticework of health insurance policies and programs and their impacts on ordinary Americans, including those who go uninsured and underinsured. The course content includes animation with voice-over narration for detailed descriptions of the history and current structure of health insurance plus role-playing videos of clinicians interacting with patients navigating tough challenges to accessing health care. The roleplaying videos were based in part on real-life examples from the Jacksonville Free Clinic, the largest free health care center in the state of Mississippi with which The Bower Foundation has strong ties.

Users can access the course through two means. Interprofessional Education learners access the platform by registering on the site directly using an email address from a qualified educational institution. Continuing Education users access the course through their LMS. All users take a pretest at the start of the course, then a posttest upon completion which feature the same 10 questions, so that progress in understanding can be tracked. Users get two chances to pass the final test. If they make a mistake on their first attempt, they are given a reference to the specific video clip that features the topic of that question so they can better understand that topic and hopefully answer the question correctly on their second attempt. Users must achieve a score of 70% or better to get a passing score, in addition to submitting a module evaluation, in order to be certified. Upon certification, users obtain a custom designed personalized certificate of achievement that can be used as proof for completion of the eLearning course when used as a part of a college curriculum. CE users also get a certification code they can use to claim CE credit along with getting a token sent to the LMS indicating that they have successfully completed the course.

The Inspire Health Health Insurance eLearning platform has a robust administrative portal for managing access to the platform as well as providing detailed metrics reports on individual users and groups. Top-level administrators can view performance data on users from any and all colleges and universities, while school administrators are able to view performance data on just the students at their school. Each school is managed by top-level administrators in the portal, where the email domain, school administrator, and educational programs available at the school (used for registration) can be set. Both individual and global performance metrics are available, which include scores on both pretest and posttest, time spent on each section of the course and the course overall, demographic information on learners, and evaluations of the eLearning course by users. The metrics reports also include detailed listings of each user's answer on each pretest and posttest question, as well as the total aggregate number of users that chose each multiple choice answer to each question, allowing for both a granular understanding of learners as well as the capacity to spot trends in the relative strength and weakness of learners in understanding specific information from the course.

The Inspire Health Health Insurance platform has become the second successful eLearning module developed with DDA, having been positively received by The Bower Foundation and becoming a new way to help enhance the education Mississippi medical students receive. Inspire Health has continued working with MVP to expand the administrative capabilities of both Inspire Health platforms, while also planning a third eLearning module for development in 2022. The Inspire Health Health Insurance eLearning platform stands as a strong testimony to what a productive working relationship between two creative and capable organizations can do when united in a common cause of raising the state of the art in online education, with MVP's unique synergistic and innovative approach making it all possible.

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